Customize your FlipBook

Every publication is different, just like every client has specific requirements and itsown corporate identity.

FlipViewer Xpress takes this into account and offers a variety of ways to customizea FlipBook in the representation and in terms of functionality.

Customization of the user Interface

FlipBooks can be customized in various ways.
Depending on the purchased license option it is possible to

  • Logo on the Front Page
  • Logo placement in the top navigation bar (instead of FlipViewer Xpress logo)
  • Logo placement in ”About Us “ - Box
  • Move the top navigation bar down
  • Own buttons for the toolbar
  • Enable / disable each button
  • Add an animated introduction page opposite the title back
  • Add your own background / wallpaper

The appearance of a FlipBooks can be customized in multiple ways, to allow for an optimal integration with the corporate identity of the customer.

Logo on loading page

You can put your own logo on the loading screen, which is displayed during loading process





Logo in navigation bar on the top

The logo of  FlipViewer Xpress can be removed or replaced by your own logo






Logo displayed while page is loading

Display logo during FlipBook is loading




Customization of Button Graphics

All buttons in the FlipBook can be replaced with your own icons. The size of the buttons can´t be changed.

Place top menu bar horizontally under the FlipBook



Customized background

Customize the colour of the Book Background of your FlipBook

You can also add your own background as an image.



Interactive Ads next to Front

Besides the title and back, you can put an interactive Flash element or even a video.