FlipViewer Xpress Command Line Tool

With the Xpress FlipViewer Command Line Tool it is possible to automate the entire conversion process without manual interaction.

Through a dynamic (using PHP / ASP) generated configuration file there will be passed appropriate parameters for the PDF output data, target data and other specific FlipBook elements.

The functionality of the FlipViewer Xpress Command Line Tool is identical to the FlipViewer Xpress Creator. While the FVX Command Line tool only runs on the Windows environment, the generated FlipBooks File can be uploaded to any server (Linux too).

In conjunction with server-side scripting via PHP / ASP there can be set up a hot folder, which content is generated as a FlipBook automatically.


Web Content Management SystemThus the FlipViewer Xpress Command Line Tool is ideal for publishing projects which shall be run unattended or because of the quantitative size publishing projects no longer can be handled by FlipViewer Xpress Creator.

Integration with subscription systems

Through integration of the Digital Rights Management solution as ASP or in-house solution a complete processing of digital subscriptions is possible.

System requirements:

o XP / Windows Vista / Windows Server
o DualCore CPU Windows 64-bit systems are currently not supported

FlipViewer Xpress Server Edition

Newspaper Website SoftwareThe Server Edition allows the automatic conversion of PDF documents which will be stored in a folder (“hot folders”) on a server.  Using predefined settings, in terms of design, functions, etc. PDFs can be converted in FlipBooks by every user.

This allows the optimum workflow and useability for the user in the conversion of single or a large number of PDF documents in FlipBooks. After conversion, the user will be informed by email on completion. It is possible to add  as many user-hot folders as you like, so that each user in a network has access to the hot folder function.

System Requirements for Hot Folder Server

Hardware requirements:

  • o Intel Dual Core 2 GHz 4GB RAM
    o 30GB hard disk space

Software requirements:

  • o Micorsoft Server 2003, 2008
    o PHP 5.2

For more information on FlipViewer Xpress Server Edition please contact us!