FlipViewer Xpress i-Edition

With the latest version of FlipViewer Xpress (from 2.5) you can release your publications in one step for iPad and iPhone. Your publications are now immeditely available on your mobile devices.

With FlipViewer Xpress Creator you can create an online- and a mobile-version in just one step.

For reading a FlipBook on the iPad / iPhone you first need to install the app FlipViewer Xpress i-edition with iTunes. When the user opens a link in Safari, the App will be opened and the FlipBook will be downloaded and saved locally. All data are now on the terminal and the publications can be read offline.

If the app is not installed yet, the user will be redirected to the App-Store to do it.

Features of the application

Some of these features are also illustrated in the screenshots

  • Branded-app: FlipBook-links are opened directly in the app
  • Library function: manage all FlipBooks in one library
  • Vectorized content: Ensure a clear display
  • Flipping interface: just like turning the pages with your fingers (landscape mode)
  • Swipe-Interface: turn the pages with one finger-swipe (vertical mode)
  • Links:  links contained in the PDF are also active
  • Gesture-support: pinch zoom / double-tap zoom are supported

You’re still missing specific features? Let us know!

Note: FlipViewer Xpress supports only Android from version 2.2, because Flash is not supported by the earlier versions.


Flipping interface (landscape mode)

The FlipViewer Xpress i-edition offers a flipping interface as well.

This allows you to turn the pages horizontally like in a real magazine.



Turning pages with one finger-swipe (vertical mode)

Holding the ipad vertically, you can navigate through the sites by scrolling with your fingers from the left to the right.




Table of contents

Bookmarks from the PDF are imported into the table of contents which can be edited in FlipViewer Xpress Creator. So you can switch between the pages with just one hint.


Thumbnail display for navigation (slider) 

If the slider is activated, you can visually browse through the pages.



In the library you can see all FlipBooks you’ve downloaded.

When required, you can delete several FlipBooks.

With the history-tool you can download every single FlipBook again.




Every link from the PDF is activated in the FlipBook as well and are (currently) opened with Safari.