Increase the attention of the reader

Multimedia content such as audio, video or Flash animation can add your FlipBook an aditional benifit.

Internal/ External Links

Create a connection to the Internet by providing text or images with links in your FlipBook.

Links in a PDF file are automatically adopted in the FlipBook.

Links within a FlipBook allows the reader to quickly navigate within the publication. If you use a PDF editor such as Adobe Acrobat, you can easily identify and convert all mail and Web addresses  to links.


With our video tool you get a simple tool to add videos in Flash Video format (FLV) to the pages of your FlipBook. Very Shortly YouTube videos will be  supported in FlipBooks.

Audio content

Add audio content (MP3) to a single page to integrate jingles or podcasts of your advertising customers to your FlipBook. You can add background music for single pages as well for the entire FlipBook in FlipViewer Xpress Creator.

Animated content

AnimationenAdd animated pages in SWF format.


Out-of-the-box – Extensions

With the iFrame functionality you can provide additional content such as an online shop or a glossary directly into the FlipBook. For example you can use the Lightbox or FancyBox.

FlipBook API
Thru the API (Application Programming Interface) functions, FlipBooks may be addressed from outside the FlipViewer container.
See below for further details:


Action for flipping
flipToLeft() Action to flip to page on left side
flipToRight() Action to flip to page on right side
flipToFrontCover() Action to flip to front cover
flipToBackCover() Action to flip to front cover
fliptoCertainPage(valueByNumber) Action to flip to certain page specified by page number
startAutoFlip() Start or stop auto-flipping
tableContents() Pop up dialog to show table of contents and flip to selected page
thumbnail() Pop us dialog to show thumbnails of pages and flip to selected page
Action for printing
printLeft() Print page on left side
printRight() Print page on right side
printBoth() Print left and right pages
printRange() Print pages selected via dialog
printCertainPages(valueOfPages) Print pages specified by page numbers
Action for UI effect
enableFlipSound(“true”) Turn on or off flipping sound
enableAudio(“true”) Turn on or off background audio
changeLanguage() Changes language of UI
Action for user favorite
zoom() Zoom current page
highlight() Switch on/off highlighting mode for reader to select a rectangle range to highlight with translucent color.
note() allow user to add or edit note and comments on page
bookmark() allow user to add or remove bookmark on certain page
select Text() Switch working mode, and then allow user to select rectangle and copy text to clipboard
Action for information
aboutUs() Pop up dialog to show info about book as well as FVX-Viewer
information() Link to specified URL
help() Link to quick help embedded in flipbook
resizeWindow(h, w) Resize window to specified size